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Fly Anywhere The Airlines Can...
Plus 12,000 Places They Can't.

Gran-Aire Is The Way

Gran-Aire Charter Aircraft take you closest to your business destination by using 12,000 airports not served by the airlines.

Major cities have major airports, but also have “reliever” airports which may be closer to your destination on the ground. Many smaller towns have airports, but have no airline service. Gran-Aire’s charter fleet is suitable for these airports.

By using Gran-Aire’s Charter Service, you can avoid the usual delays of airlines:

• Check-in Lines
• Waiting to Board (up to 2 hours)
• Lengthy Ground Transportation
• Overbooked Flights
• Waiting for Luggage
• Connecting Flights

Perhaps most important, you will have the Security of knowing everyone on the plane.

Each of our pilots have undergone thorough Security background checks. And all of our Captains have flown for Gran-Aire for at least 10 years. We are the most experienced aircraft charter service in the metro-Milwaukee area. You will feel absolutely confident when flying in our charter aircraft.

Gran-Aire’s Charter Department is an integral part of our Full Service Aviation Operation, contributing to over 40 years of accident-free charter service.

King Air B-200

Cessna 414

Because Your Time is Valuable, our charter flights will make your business more time-efficient by arriving on your schedule at the airport closest to your destination. You set the departure time, and you have no worries about hurrying to catch the return flight home. Your schedule is ours.

Gran-Aire owns the largest fleet of all-weather aircraft in Wisconsin, providing you a wide choice of aircraft most appropriate to your travel plans. We also work closely with a respected Jet Service for longer trips.

Each of our cabin-class aircraft are configured with executive seating arrangements: The seats face each other, allowing for an effective yet relaxed working environment.

Complimentary coffee, doughnuts and other refreshments provided on all flights. Let us know your preferences.

Our Charter Service personnel are dedicated to providing you the best, and most secure flights possible. You choose the aircraft, the departure times and, if you wish, You can even choose your pilot. We will provide the best transportation available.

If you fly charter, you fly smarter!

Gran-Aire Charter Flights serve all Metro Milwaukee Airports.


Gran-Aire, Inc.
9305 W. Appleton Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53225
Tel: 414-461-3222  Fax: 414-461-8207



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